Autumn 2016 Newsletter

February 16, 2017Newsletter

Download the PDF version of our current newsletter Improve your wellbeing – get to know your neighbours Whether you live in a suburb, an apartment, or rurally, you have neighbours – and every connection you have with them significantly improves the wellbeing of individuals, family/whanau and communities. Neighbours Day Weekend, held annually in March, encourages … Read More

The True Cost of Stay-at Home Parents

October 15, 2009Newsletter

Just because a stay-at home-parent doesn’t earn a salary, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt their family if they were to pass away.

Here are some statistics to help you when discussing the subject on insuring non working spouses. The site puts the value of a home-maker at $50,000 per annum!

Hang In There – It’s Your Future

August 30, 2009Newsletter

Hang In There – It’s Your Future

As the media continues to predict gloom and doom in the economy, many New Zealanders are looking at how they can’ tighten their belts’ in an effort to cut spending where they can. And it’s quite understandable that insurance, along with other household spending, will come under the
spotlight with some of our clients. But the worsening economy now makes having adequate cover even more important. In fact, that’s why just about everyone takes out cover – to be able to protect their family, health & lifestyle in exactly this sort of economic climate.