Given the current economic climate, and the ever-shifting goal posts of home ownership, Eric James & Associates recognised there are many New Zealanders who would benefit from some sound mortgage advice.

Like our Insurance Advisors, our Mortgage Brokers are intent on achieving the best deal for you, your budget and your lifestyle. They can advise you on every type of mortgage; whether you want to buy your first, next or even last home, reduce your monthly payments or borrow against your capital for any purpose.

We’ll also take the time to sit down with you and establish what you can really afford to borrow (it might be more than you think) and offer some clever money savings tips for making your mortgage work for you.

First Home Buyers

For First Home mortgages, we can help. Even with a small deposit, there are still mortgages available to you, and you may be surprised about how far your dollars will go.

Looking to Remortgage?

Don’t be put off by the news that there are fewer mortgages available; there are still a variety of products available when you have access to the whole of the market. Those with a significant amount of equity in their homes may be wondering what the fuss is about when they see just how competitive rates are when sourced from the whole market.