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The people behind the policies.<br>Gayle’s story.

The people behind the policies.Gayle’s story.

October 5, 2021

It can be difficult for people to understand the incredible difference an Income Protection policy can make particularly when life forces an unexpected and often tumultuous change. “I’m too active to get sick” or “I’m too healthy to be off work” is still the default mode of thinking for many. This is why it helps … Read More

Cheque this out! <br>More happy winners from our big barrel draw

Cheque this out! More happy winners from our big barrel draw

September 14, 2021

With this issue comes an opportunity to share the good news of the recent winners in our Big Barrel Draw. We are happy to announce that Anita Brunt was the winner of our recent Big Barrel Draw in Auckland. Anita arrived to pick up the prize with her granddaughter Harley, the pair meeting with our … Read More

Corporate control.<br>Is ‘dead peasant’ insurance still a thing?

Corporate control.Is ‘dead peasant’ insurance still a thing?

September 12, 2021

Did you know that, since the 1980s, many companies in the United States regularly took out life insurance policies on their staff without ever telling the employees about it? Payouts in the millions were collected, all without the policy subject ever knowing… In New Zealand companies can take out insurance policies on key employees, a … Read More

The best way for the cookie to crumble <br>The perfect recipe for uncertain times

The best way for the cookie to crumble The perfect recipe for uncertain times

August 28, 2021

  There are two things we know about life for sure. (1) It is often difficult and challenging, with nobody really knowing what will happen next. (2) Any stress from (1) can generally be prevented with delicious cookies. Is there anything more satisfying than a warm, chewy cookie straight out of the oven? This quick and … Read More

New financial advisor legislation.<br>What you need to know.

New financial advisor legislation.What you need to know.

August 24, 2021

The FSLAA legislation came into effect in 2021, As much of our work focuses on providing our clients with expert advice and clear guidance on financial matters we now work under the standards set out by this legislation. The Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act 2019 (FSLAA) introduced a new regulatory regime for financial advisers in … Read More

Push out the stress. <br>Challenging times call for proactive measures.

Push out the stress. Challenging times call for proactive measures.

April 5, 2021

  Modern living is stressful and, annoyingly, it seems to be getting more stressful by the day! We are inundated with the chaos of busy lives as well as non-stop work and family commitments. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and it’s no wonder the stress levels are rising.  Stress is one of those … Read More

Autumn flavour <br>Our late season raspberry muffin recipe

Autumn flavour Our late season raspberry muffin recipe

March 26, 2021

  Make the most of the late-season raspberries with this quick and easy recipe. These delicious muffins are perfect for school lunchboxes, workplace morning tea, when friends unexpectedly stop by or, possibly, to simply hoard and feast on at home over a few days. You can substitute the raspberries for other berries, however it pays … Read More

Prepare for the best <br>Your insurance meeting checklist

Prepare for the best Your insurance meeting checklist

March 21, 2021

  Thinking of booking a meeting to discuss your insurance plans? Just like anything in life, the more prepared you are, the easier everything will go. It’s not a massive problem if you enter the meeting without the following in place. However it’s certainly a lot easier to avoid frustration or any unnecessary delays if … Read More

Partners Life in the public eye. <br>Greater transparency helps all

Partners Life in the public eye. Greater transparency helps all

October 1, 2020

  One of New Zealand’s leading insurance companies made the news in late September with the announcement that it will publishing more information about how it works, what it is doing to improve its service and how it helps our customers. Partners Life is one of our key insurance partners. In September they announced they … Read More

Prostate cancer awareness. <br>Jase the Ace leads the way…

Prostate cancer awareness. Jase the Ace leads the way…

September 25, 2020

  Men – is prostate cancer a thingee you don’t talk about? As we come to the end of Blue September it’s worth looking back on the campaign and looking forward to the future (and making plans to ensure this future stays a healthy one). You may have noticed the Jason Gunn campaign ‘Prostate Cancer … Read More