When it comes to assessing a new company’s culture sometimes a gut feeling can save you a world of pain in the weeks, months and years ahead. Here are a couple of simple considerations if you’re in the employment market, or about to take up a new job…

First, it pays to keep track of what companies are posting on employment websites and in the situations vacant.

There may be some good reasons why you’re seeing the same position at the same location posted regularly – it could be a large company or they may be after seasonal employees. However if you’re seeing a new ad every couple of weeks for a small company it could be red flag that the culture is toxic or the work is underpaid.

Also, if you get the chance to talk to your future co-workers, ask them how long they have been there. If it’s not a new company and nobody has been there long it may be another red flag. Of course, neither situation means you should automatically rule the position out. However each will at least let you walk into the role on day one with your eyes open.