What it helps to know.

February 28, 2020News

New Zealand has now begun to feel the effects of travel restrictions and quarantines, with serious repercussions on our industry and economy. With so much discussion we thought it wise to offer a simple overview because, as recent Guardian headline states, “Misinformation on the coronavirus might be the most contagious thing about it”. What is … Read More

Life tip: Music to their ears

February 21, 2020Life tips

Having a friend or family member diagnosed with dementia is always an incredibly challenging time, and many people often feel powerless to help those suffering. There are small things you can do right from the start that, as their condition advances, can make a big difference. In the early stages of dementia one simple exercise … Read More

Give it a nudge:
Our 5 favourite ‘positive manipulations’

February 16, 2020Features

Are you being manipulated for your own good? In Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness, authors Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein argue for new ways to ‘nudge’ people towards the right health, financial and environmental decisions. From loos to lollipops, here are five of our favourite nudges. It’s an inescapable fact that smokers … Read More

Career change?
Keep your insurance correctly employed too.

February 12, 2020Features, Life tips

Congratulations on your new job. Now, it’s time to find a new spot to park the car and a new haunt for your daily caffeine hit. But what about new insurance? While you’re busy scouring the streets for the best double espresso in the city, it’s worth assessing your insurance situation with equal gusto. It’s … Read More

Coffin control.
How one Kiwi’s idea travelled the world.

February 1, 2020News

Yes, you’ve planned for everything financially. But what about the most pragmatic of decisions around your final resting place? Why not follow the lead of Katie Williams, who started a unique club in Rotorua back in 2010. New Zealand has given much to the world – jetboats, Lord Of The Rings films, pavlova, Phar Lap … Read More

Spring 2019 Newsletter

November 26, 2019Newsletter

Click here to view a PDF version of our latest newsletter Spring 2019 Newsletter More for mental health Despite the incredible progress in improving life expectancy and physical health, we have high levels of mental illness across New Zealand. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and statistics show that 47% of New Zealanders will live with … Read More

Autumn 2019 Newsletter

May 30, 2019Newsletter

Download the current version of our newsletter Autumn 2019 Newsletter Assessing your risk is key to health cover “I went for a jog one morning, felt some chest pain and thought just to be safe I’ll see my doctor and see if there’s anything to worry about. After a few tests my doctor concluded it … Read More

Spring 2018 Newsletter

November 20, 2018Funny, Newsletter

Download our current PDF version of the newsletter Spring 2018 Newsletter Returning to work after a disability Returning to work after a lengthy health issue can be a daunting prospect. Often a person’s self-esteem and confidence have been affected, and a feeling of not having the competence to return. There may be concern about discrimination … Read More

Autumn 2018 Newsletter

April 30, 2018Newsletter

Download our current PDF version of the newsletter Autumn 2018 Newsletter Life insurance is for the living Life insurance is not a popular topic of conversation, because in doing so we are contemplating our eventual death. It’s not something anyone likes to dwell on for long, however it’s an important consideration in financial planning. So, … Read More

Spring 2017 Newsletter

October 30, 2017Newsletter

Download our current PDF version of the newsletter Spring 2017 Newsletter Trauma Insurance evolves as New Zealanders live longer In New Zealand, our average life expectancy is around 83 for women and 79 for men.  A consequence of living longer is that our lives are more likely to be interrupted with survivable health events. As … Read More